The Green-Eyed Monster

Shayan Kashani
2 min readMay 15, 2023

In the realm where hearts reside, a shadow lurks, unseen
A spectre named Envy, draped in veils of green.
She lingers in the twilight, beneath the moon’s soft glow,
Feeding on desire, in the garden where love grows.

She whispers in the silence, a voice laced with deceit,
Comparing, always comparing, turning love to bittersweet.
In the mirror of the mind, she paints a twisted scene,
Stoking fires of discontent, clad in hues of green.

From the depths of yearning, she spins a web so fine,
Entangling hearts in threads of fear, in the labyrinth of time.
Her touch, a poison ivy, her words, a bitter wine,
Corrodes the bonds that tether us, till they fray and then decline.

She covets every laughter, every glance not meant for her,
Sees in every shadow, a rival, a saboteur.
In the sanctuary of trust, she’s the uninvited guest,
Turns the sanctuary to a battlefield, a relentless, cruel jest.

Oh, beware the eyes of Envy, with their emerald glare,
They see not the beauty of love, but the phantom of despair.
They blind us to the truth, to the depth of our affection,
And lead us down a path of doubt, away from love’s direction.

Yet even in this darkness, a beacon can be found,
A force mightier than Envy, can break the chains that bound.
For in the heart’s vast ocean, a ship sails, strong and free,
Steered by the compass of trust, beyond the sea of green.

Love, in its purest form, knows not of possession,
It cherishes the other’s joy, finds strength in concession.
Let us banish the green-eyed ghost, with love’s clear, shining light,
In the realm where hearts reside, let trust rule the night.



Shayan Kashani

Writer — Philosopher — Teacher — Runner — Reader — Nomad.