The Gravitas Project

In order to combat writer’s block and get my creativity going again, I am endeavouring on a project inspired by the card game Gravitas.The box contains 429 “big” questions, and my intention is to answer them all (or as many as possible) on here over the course of the next three months.

Responses will be rough and ready and, for the most part, unpolished and unedited. The main reason for this is to keep my writing skills honed and develop a continued and consistent habit, irrespective of a pathological need for perfectionism.

A few caveats:

Obviously, I have not written any of the questions myself, and plan to answer them at random, exactly as they are asked on the cards.

The breath and scope of the questions are remarkably diverse, and so the responses will also likely range from being cheeky and insouciant to deeply personal, private, and (hopefully, maybe?) even profound.

Many of the questions are highly subject to personal interpretation, and so the reader may have ‘understood’ them in a completely different way than I have. That’s okay.

Some answers will be short and some will be longer. Variety is the spice of life.

Some of the questions may be frivolous, or loaded, or completely idiotic — and that’s okay too.

From time to time I may elect to skip a question — for one, or a combination of, the aforementioned reasons — however, I am going to try and limit myself to a maximum of 29 skipped questions, and so the goal is to try to answer at least 400 of them.

If at any point my primary writing project takes off and demands all of my attention, I will abandon this one, because it will have served its purpose.

Comments, concerns, criticism, advice, words of encouragement, words of disparagement, as well as the reader’s own responses to the questions are absolutely and totally encouraged and welcomed.


Here we go.




Writer — Teacher — Philosopher —Runner —Reader — Nomad.

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Shayan Kashani

Writer — Teacher — Philosopher —Runner —Reader — Nomad.