#54: Why were you put on this earth?

“I can let you in on a few secrets. One: your mind is always occupied on something, so it may as well be something helpful. Two: there is no such thing as you and me. Three: there’s no such thing as nothing. There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity. There is only the blanket.”

Welcome to planet Earth.

Congratulations on your safe arrival, this will be your home for the duration of your current mission. Your existence is not a product of chance. In fact, you are here out of your deliberate and powerful wanting to be here, and though you may not yet understand the reasons for this incarnation, all will be made clear to you in time.

We are your parent guardians. Our primary concern is your well-being — we are here to serve, help, protect, and guide you along your path. But, as much as our existence is integral to yours, so too is your joyous arrival a vital element of our missions here on Earth. Henceforth, no thought, action, or event will be without meaning or purpose. Remember that you chose us, and also, we chose you.

Our planet — your planet — is thriving in a perpetual state of flux, collaboratively and with great cooperation being formed en mass. You are the newest member of the human race on planet Earth, already endowed with the creative power of deliberation. You are a co-creator of life, and the process of your creation has already begun.

Your location of arrival is in the Northern hemisphere, at roughly 35.6° latitude north and 51.3° longitude east. Your native human language will be Farsi, though you are free to pursue other modes of communication as you develop your faculties. Your name will be Shayan; however, you are free to designate one of your own choosing as you begin to master your senses and develop your personality.

Planet Earth operates in a three-dimensional, physical system of reality. As a result, you will be required to engage in a highly specialized and sophisticated mode of interaction with those around you. A specific, calculated, and agreed-upon set of root assumptions will be the starting point from which your understandings will evolve. It is important to realize now — for it will become increasingly difficult later — that the root assumptions are not an accurate or complete representation of reality. Because of the planet’s highly intricate physicality, the scope of your perception is limited and tailored, for the most part, to engage directly and only with the physical planetary system. While you will retain your full perceptive capacities, the means of your investigations, while you are here on Earth — and again, for the most part — will be focused intensely in physical reality. The physical senses, therefore, will be your primary tools. They are highly sensitive and acute, tuned into the frequency of the physical system. It is of the utmost importance, however, to know the nature of your physical senses, and understand that they are not your only means of experience. A secondary, intuitive mode of perception is also at your disposal. Though this is far more expansive and powerful than that which is focused in the physical system, it remains mostly latent — subdued — there to only offer guidance that will aid you in understanding and manipulating the physical world.

You will be educated, trained, and informed of the rules of human society. Concepts of history, culture, science, and religion will be imparted on you, though you are not required to subscribe to anything that is not in compliance and harmony with your personal mission. You are free to explore the planet and are capable of all that which your fellow man has accomplished. Direct experience will be your primary purpose. Your purpose is your mission; and your mission is personal. The entirety of the planet’s manifestations are at your disposal in accomplishing your self-designated goals. You are bound and restricted by nothing, so long as it is within the framework of your system’s root assumptions. It is even possible, though not very common, to break free of certain assumptions. These rare events will be experienced as moments of ecstasy, either spontaneously throughout your life, or methodically, should the terms of your personal mission call for such endeavours. In either case, the thing to remember is your divinity. You are an energy source, the partial incarnation of a larger entity — a cosmic gestalt — focused in physical reality.

Throughout your life here on Earth, you will face a (seemingly endless) series of challenges which you must recognize and overcome. These challenges — obstacles, problems, and dilemmas — will have been created by you, strategically introduced into your experience along the way, as per your own desires and design. They will vary in degree, intensity, scope, frequency, and composition, and will involve an equally versatile series of solutions to overcome. Just as there is no single path to any destination, there is no single answer to any question. Therefore, you must learn to use the full canvas of your creativity, focusing on expanding, rather than narrowing, the extent of your capacities.

Welcome to Planet Earth.

Good luck.




Writer — Teacher — Philosopher —Runner —Reader — Nomad.

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Shayan Kashani

Writer — Teacher — Philosopher —Runner —Reader — Nomad.