#37: How do you practice kindness?

The only situation in which I’ve ever been called kind was in the classroom. I can’t think of anything else. That is how and where I practice kindness.

In my personal life, I’m an incessantly impatient individual. But for whatever reason, this unappealing quality has never seeped to my professional work as a teacher. I’m not saying I am an easy teacher, because I’m not. To the contrary, I am very tough, very strict, and very demanding — but also: I am very kind, and extremely patient.

Maybe because for me, teaching — which I really see as inspiring — is both a vocation and avocation. I always go above the desideratum, and exceed beyond expectations (if only I were like this in my personal life) when it comes to my students. Being a teacher generally means working some unpaid hours in one capacity or another, but I have worked many unpaid hours. Because it was the right thing to do.

That’s how I practice kindness.